The Evolution of the Presidential Vehicles #infographic

The Evolution of the Presidential Vehicles
Americans are interested by the manner matters operate for a long time. A way of life of innovators and pioneers has developed from this fixation, with politics and automobiles being no exception. The US developed current democracy after all, and our very own Henry Ford invented the first heavily produced car, the Ford Model T.

We traced the history of American presidents through the evolution of the presidential auto with interesting notes on the area of each car in records and how the political climate helped structure the specific traits of each vehicle. There is not plenty data about the recent cars as details continue to be classified, and the president travels the use of a automobile fleet that makes a car nearly obsolete.

So it is no wonder Americans have built some pretty fantastic machines at the intersection of politics and vehicles to serve the most robust leaders in the free globe. Our listing consists of the historical development of presidential cars from the first authentic authorities vehicle — brought into provider via President William Howard Taft — to the "The Beast" of President Barack Obama.

The Evolution of the Presidential Vehicles #infographic

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